Setting up a PaperCut Client on a MacBook for printing at RMIT University

Follow the steps below to print from your Mac using PaperCut. This solution is a little clunk since it uses the Linux PaperCut Client, but it does work. If you have a copy of the Mac PaperCut Client please send it to me and I will make it available here.

Step 1: Download the PaperCut Client

RMIT uses PaperCut software to manage printing. The server+client can be downloaded from the PaperCut website. However, a pre-configured zip file containing just the PaperCut Client can be downloaded here.

Step 2: Install the PaperCut Client

Unzip the `papercut' zip file downloaded in Step 1 and store the folder anywhere on your Mac.

Open Terminal and use 'cd path-to-papercut/papercut' to navigate to the papercut folder.

Run the papercut client by typing './'.

Papercut will ask you to login when running this script for the first time. Your username is either your student number, 'SXXXXXX', or your staff number, 'eXXXXX'.

The PaperCut Client now runs as long as you keep this Terminal window open. You should see the window below.

Step 3: Set-up the printing queue

Open Printers&Faxes in System Preferences and click "+" to add a printer.

Click IP and fill out the address, protocol, queue, name and use fields as below.


Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD

Queue: Ricoh-Global-Client

Name: Ricoh-Global-Client

Use: Generic PostScript Printer

Tick the Duplex Printing Unit box and click OK.

Step 4: Print!

Print a document selecting the Ricoh-Global-Client. You will see a PaperCut pop-up window asking you for your username and password. Login with your RMIT student or staff credentials.

Pick up your print at the nearest printer using your student or staff card. Click here for more information on printing at RMIT.